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Welcome to our
Myotonic Sale Page
Due to our personal health issues we are downsizing our herd.
We have a few 2013 doelings/bucklings still available
as well as both "open" and "exposed to a buck for 2014 kids" does
available for sale

Please visit our breeding goat pages for a more complete listing of available goats.

2013 Doelings


Bending Tree Ranch Mercury, dob 3-13-13
Sire: Bending Tree Ranch Jupiter
Dam: Bending Tree Ranch Magic


Bending Tree Ranch Neela dob 1-28-13
MGR pending
Sire: Bending Tree Ranch Atlas
Dam: WRR Neo
This polled doeling should should mature into a larger sized doe.
  Her dam is a nice, large peacock
patterned doe.

Bending Tree Ranch Mia & Leah dob 2-6-13
MGR pending
Sire: Bending Tree Ranch Wally
Dam: Bending Tree Ranch Maizey

Will sell one of these two sisters


Bending Tree Ranch Saphronie
DOB 3-4-13
MGR pending
Sire: Bending Tree Ranch Harry Belafonte
Dam: Bending Tree Ranch Sadie Mae




Adult Bucks 



Not all available animals shown
Contact us for more information

We are members of the following registries:

Pedigree International

International Fainting Goat Assn

Myotonic Goat Registry


Come on in and visit a while and check out some of our breeding stock and kids. 
Visits in person to BTR are welcome too. 
Just drop us a line or give us a phone call to set up a convenient time.

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Bending Tree Ranch
Damascus, AR
Phone: 501-679-4936